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In times of crisis in decades past, Canada resettled refugees quickly and in large numbers

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Earlier, Minnesota was driving for what would have been the go-ahead touchdown when Jarius Wright caught a short pass from Bridgewater, then was hit by Arizona's Deone Bucannon and fumbled

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"Often adolescent girls do not know where and how to obtain the health services they need

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In total, the jury convicted Holtzclaw of 18 counts connected to eight of the 13 women, all of whom were black, who testified against him

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Click (right) to buy Billie's dress now and style with contrasting black heels, not forgetting a flash of scarlet lipstick to complete the look

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The kit can detect the movement of a heartbeat and lungs even when someone is standing still, and differentiate between body shapes.

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Discarded heroin syringes are stuck into a banana tree after they were used by addicts in Hanoi, Vietnam, December 1, 2015

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But in the Euros, they’ve been dealt some significantly tougher hands

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Before the big payoff though, Sheldon painstakingly hums the melody of the song over and over again, and in increasingly irritating fashion

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“Guo Guangchang, known as ‘China’s Warren Buffett’ has been transforming conglomerate Fosun International into an insurance-focused investment group

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In a verbal sense, he went to the ledge

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Durant shot 8-for-14 from the field en route to 25 points, and he added 10 assists and 12 rebounds

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"Working together is the best way to solve complex cases."

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Many of the fields littered with meteorite no longer exist

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On Thursday MPD Chief Cathy Lanier announced a search will take place at a construction at New York Avenue and Bladensburg Road NE, but still seeks the public's help

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The ignition switch scandal triggered a companywide safety review that resulted in dozens of recalls of millions of vehicles

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So while shareholders might be buckling under the pressure of name tarnishing, it's unlikely they'll stay away for long

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But he told Yonhap: "I think it seems to be developing it."

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All three are found throughout the world’s oceans

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Harvard's Law School has been embroiled in a row over its crest, which displays the coat of arms of the Royall family

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On Second Thought is a messaging app that lets you un-send texts

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As semiconductor nanowires emerge as indispensable building blocks for next-generation electronic, energy conversion, and photonic devices (i.e

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Rajawali has been trying toraise money through asset sales.

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Certainly by his parents: even the happiest-clappiest non-judgemental parents who mistake their kids for their friends are sometimes forced to bark at or rebuke their offspring.

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Investors were also waiting for U.S

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Because you don’t know where the other cars are

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The scheme is more widely condemned across party lines: 57% of all voters rejected the plan and just 25% support it.

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Marco Rubio, 52 percent, and former Florida Gov

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Even Tunisia, the 19th strongest, were much better than people assumed

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Making people feel happy makes you feel you're doing something important

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"When you think about what Donald Trump is saying and then you think about her, you're like, my God what took me so long."