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I'm like, 'Where's my family at Where's everyone at' I was just scared

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The golfer mixed up his tee time and was only saved from disqualification after she noticed his error and arranged a police escort to the course

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Betting against a share also requires some astute market timing, which is difficult to pull off.

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The high will give us nice weather into next Wednesday, with lows in the lower 30’s Tuesday night, and a return to the upper 40’s for high temperatures.

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Officers found his car about five miles south of the Interstate 70, off Exit 175 near Green River, Utah on Nov

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A study in France in the same year found that just one in three people knew smoking was a risk factor.

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The 0.2 percent increase in November, less than forecast, followed a 0.1 percent gain in the previous month, Commerce Department figures showed Friday

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Fed chair Janet Yellen has said for months that she expects inflation will eventually move back to their target, particularly as the prices of oil and gas stabilize

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With early 19th century whaling techniques, whales were not usually harpooned from the main ship, but rather from smaller rowed whaleboats that were dropped into the water

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Or recreate Daisy's look on a budget instead.

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The 6-foot-5, 264-pound Englishman could project as a tight end or defensive end.

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This national Fox game should be plenty compelling as it is a crucial game for both teams

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If England lose in Durban it will be their seventh defeat of 2015; a poor record

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The physical differences show how sperm whales have evolved

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Parents have been warned that giving children paracetamol-based medicines such as Calpol and Disprol too often could lead to serious health issues later in life

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Fisher’s attorneys say that because the Ten Percent Plan produced sufficient diversity without using racial preferences, Texas’ decision to add race back in was unconstitutional.

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There's a ridiculously simple answer: we've got to start taking emotion off the table

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Anything I have a question about, I ask him."

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Others called it a continuation of presidential candidate Donald Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric

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The slow-motion scenes suggest that there’s a timeless aspect to this slaughter and, perhaps by extension, an inevitability to such violence

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An engineer works on Surena 3 humanoid robot (R) next to Surena 2 robot, in a lab at Tehran University, Iran, December 6, 2015

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A newly identified species of whale has been named after Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick.

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The central bank expects it may add 0.3 percentage points to economic growth next year, and 0.8 percent once production launches.

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Get more for your money in this multiway design from Missguided, or this Seventies-inspired jumpsuit from Asos is very tempting...

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He had traveled from his home in Rome to conduct a Czech orchestra for a direct-to-vinyl recording of the score at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London that will be released by Decca Records

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President Anote Tong insists that the risk of sinking is real

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European Asset Allocation.......................

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The Chancellor said that a lot had changed in the global economy since the IMF last visited the UK

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That is not wholly his responsibility, of course

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Jurors convicted him on 18 counts involving eight of the 13 women who had accused him; the jury acquitted him on another 18 counts.

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They are a disciplined group and generally disciplined teams are very good at sticking to pre-agreed tactics

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He was playing good before that

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But if Thursday revealed an avenue for how they can do it, it will have an intrinsic value far greater than the final result in Arizona.

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In 2004, they were instrumental in President George W

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"I won't lie," admits Charlotte Surtees, the TV drama's executive producer

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