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This change in the sun's angle with respect to Titan's surface has made high southern latitudes appear darker, while northern latitudes appear brighter.
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Economists watch the retail sales report closely because it provides the first indication each month of the willingness of Americans to spend
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It would be easier for them to go after the users who don't understand how to stay secure online, but the prevalence of items make it worthwhile to target everyone
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"They came back saying it was an act of God
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mergers and acquisitions announced this year, Thomson Reuters data show, in deals whose total combined value topped $260 billion
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As the McCaffrey family began to grow in the 1990s, it was Smith who first cracked the joke
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White House officials have said they're exploring closing the so-called "gun show loophole" that allows people to buy weapons at gun shows and online without a background check.
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Antibiotics are used in farming to treat infections
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His second appearance on the small screen in Shameless was equally fleeting and rather unfairly Brookes was again typecast in a scene involving food
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Getting Allen Hurns back won’t hurt
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Peralta had been scheduled to play in the national team's friendly match against Cuba next week
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Julius Salamera of the Infection Disease Division says education is a key to helping people manage their condition
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One reason the middle class — say, three-person households making between $42,000 to $126,000 annually — share is declining is that the upper class is expanding
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In hindsight, after being spurned by Ben Zobrist, their top offseason target, it left them the financial flexibility to address their needs with smaller pieces.
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While the revival of interest in vinyl has presented an opportunity for new firms like Soulines, there are still supply problems
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will be strengthening and moving south
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She was hospitalized for three weeks where she underwent major brain surgery.
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Policymakers are widely expected to announce that they're raising key interest rates from their record low levels for the first time in seven years
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In the MD Anderson analysis, lower socio-economic status and non-private insurance were also predictors of longer waits.
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That draft suggested compromises were emerging in some sections
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California agreed to a two-year contract extension with coach Sonny Dykes on Thursday that will increase his pay immediately and keep him locked up through the 2019 season
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"In the Heart of the Sea" begins with Herman Melville arranging a meeting with an elderly Thomas Nickerson, who recounts the story of the Essex during the course of a long, dark, rum-soaked night
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Otherwise, it’s hard even for total car nerds (like yours truly) to tell them apart.
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The dollar has risen against 10 of the world’s 16 major exchange rates since Dec
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Marketis dull ahead of holidays in the latter part of the month," saida stockbroker, asking not to be named.
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Japan has forecasted that the market for “care service” robots will rise to $3.7b within 20 years
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Yet he appears to be well-positioned in his party's nomination contest, which begins with the Iowa caucuses in less than eight weeks
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Based on the share count before the buybacks, EPS last year would have been only $1.81, little changed from $1.80 a year earlier, according to a Reuters calculation.
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In October this was hit for 73.3 per cent of calls, the fifth month in a row it has been missed.
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There were no Israelis injured in the attack at the Gilboa crossing near Jenin, according to ministry spokeswoman Arielle Heffez
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