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Market research firm IDC ranks Atlassian as the No
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He hopes competition in StarCraft will be just as big one day: "E-sports is in an emerging stage - later, when it gets bigger, it will be like major sports like football, basketball or baseball."
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The large ring-like structure near the bottom right of the magnified view — and the smaller one near the bottom left — may be remnant craters
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A selection of their art goes on show to the public in London from 3 February.
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We needed our Arthur to be Arthur Lowe first and foremost and Mainwaring second."
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The thing is, they’re not always right.”
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Valeri said that SkyLife has never had an aircraft crash since it partnered with Rogers Helicopters Inc
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Not so much Jingle Bells as jangled nerves.
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Miner Anglo American was also hit by a target pricecut from Goldman Sachs
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Melville's novel was more directly inspired by the author's own experiences on the whaling ship Acushnet, and on stories of an actual albino whale known as Mocha Dick.
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Wherever a new runway is placed, thousands will be affected
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