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The risk of death increased 9 percent or 10 percent, depending on the database, for patients with stage I and stage II breast cancers for each added 30-day interval, the Fox Chase researchers found

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“I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure

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“The whole purpose of this thing is not to profile people, we are not looking very personal information

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The same has gone for a second letter, sent at the end of October, to the head of the University Hospital, about Dr Machado's inability to treat the 468-long waiting list of cardiac patients

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SIR – If it comes to boots on the ground in Syria, how could a British regiment with any Scottish connection be sent in, given the almost unanimous rejection of the whole idea by Scottish MPs

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Israeli forces have killed 107 Palestinians, around two-thirds of whom the army identified as assailants.

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After leading the first round, the 26-year old lawmaker is polling 49 percent to 51 percent for Christian Estrosi of The Republicans.

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But the latest Fox Chase and MD Anderson studies found that breast cancer patients with long delays were more likely to be black or Hispanic

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Summer bodies are made in winter ladies so take inspiration from Kym Marsh and get out there

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“You look right now at the standings where Montreal and maybe us to some extent had you could say a little cushion

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The descent module carrying the crew separates from the empty orbital module which burns up in the atmosphere.

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There are indigenous tribes and bicycle-powered computer chargers, groups singing hymns and people waving placards

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Allen has started most of A&M’s games this season, including the last two after losing the starting job to freshman Kyler Murray for three games midseason

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You don’t throw everything out the window because of struggles at one particular time

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John Botham, product director, global equities, for Invesco Perpetual, said: “Both country and sector exposures are as a result of our bottom-up stock selection process

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It seats two small passengers and features a wooden steering wheel, leather upholstery and working lights.

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"Since I've come in his life, I think I've been working on that a little bit

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You don’t, in a the typical manner anyway

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Canadians eager to show their support for the newcomers weren't deterred by the fact that they couldn't do so face to face as the refugees were processed in a secure area

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Depending on the weather, you can team it with just ankle boots, or leggings and over-the-knee boots when the temperature drops

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Only four running backs in the NFL have made more catches than Johnson this season.

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The Knicks were fortunate to be in the game so late after trailing by as many as 19 and again shooting less than 40 percent

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“I figured it was for some robbery.”

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In this sort of deal, a company buys all the stock from an investment bank in a single transaction

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Even with the concessions, opposition remained

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Residents attempt to salvage belongings from gutted hutments in a slum area in Mumbai, India, December 7, 2015

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The Supreme Court has long required that race only be used when “necessary” to promote diversity

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Despite hundreds of comments and questions from Redditors, the Google team answered just 11 questions in the span of an hour

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He also pointed out that most did not come forward until police identified them as possible victims after launching their investigation.

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