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Purchases at gas stations fell 0.8 percent in November and have tumbled 19.9 percent this year

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A woman cast a shadow as she crosses a zebra crossing in a business district in central Tokyo, Japan, December 8, 2015

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A sharp decline in the yuan also took a toll, since a weakerChinese currency hurts export-oriented companies such asautomakers and luxury goods

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As for the instant messaging tool, it's now available for all users, with updated app supporting threaded messages between friends, as well as sending a post to a Tumblr account.

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Meanwhile, Joplin's wildly painted 1964 Porsche 356C Cabriolet fetched $1.76 million, well above its top estimate of $600,000

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The last was a teenager who was 17 when Holtzclaw attacked her

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It has all ended well for Edith He is so shocked he clutches his chest, has a massive heart attack, and promptly turns up his toes, which are clad in a jaunty pair of velvet carpet slippers.

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The first family was a man, woman and 16-month-old girl

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Faster wage growth would provide an even bigger boost for consumers and encourage broad-based spending beyond big-ticket items such as autos and appliances.

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If you need to go wild, there’s Lagos

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Some in Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative bloc, which runs Germany in a coalition with Gabriel's party, want a limit set to the number of refugees Germany can absorb.

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Main currency report:...............................

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An engineer works on Surena 3 humanoid robot (R) next to Surena 2 robot, in a lab at Tehran University, Iran, December 6, 2015

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By the dismal standards of some South African townships,Khutsong is in relatively good shape

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To some degree, the Vikings will be compensating for a leaky offensive line the rest of the year

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This decision smacks of double standards

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Researchers decided to look into the role of omega 3 supplements in relation to the illness

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Using the difficulty rating devised above, we’ve made an entirely arbitrary cut-off point of 0.8

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A government spokesman told the BBC that independent agencies would soon be allowed to scrutinise the accounts of the project, but could not say when.

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"Most women are more concerned about breast cancer even though six times as many women die from heart disease and stroke in Ireland each year

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The deficit was much higher than the City had expected, a widening of 3.1bn from September

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The AP's finding is undoubtedly an undercount of the problem

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The central bank has been struggling to shore up its nairacurrency hard hit by the plunge in oil prices, Nigeria's mainexport, which started late last year


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“Alan's got the nice Christmas card probably coming and I'm getting coal from Larry right now

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The mother of the 17-year-old victim told The Associated Press on Thursday night that she feels like justice has been served

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I almost felt sorry for him, but then remembered what an annoying runt he had just been.

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The pair were arrested in Weymouth later that day.

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Ships would sometimes procure men and boys from the numerous island ports they passed through in both the Atlantic and Pacific

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It has fallen from 39pc to 35pc in the past month, and is due to fall to 28pc soon.

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Equally, they will be pleased they are not in Aston Villa’s position.

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The government has also charged some of those spreading negative information about the park with sedition, a serious offence which carries a penalty of up to seven years in prison.

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It has more than 300 suppliers in close proximity and an excellent logistics infrastructure; this confirmed our decision that this country was the ideal location."

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China made its first announcement on the size of itsstrategic reserves in November 2014, putting them at 91 millionbarrels at the time

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The ease with which Farook was able to get the loan has raised questions about the lack of regulation in the peer-to-peer lending market

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The expectations build with an 11-game point streak

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That is not the same as a crime.”

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to enable all women to make safe and appropriate lifestyle choices".

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Students' scores earned them one of five levels: did not yet meet expectations, partially met expectations, approached expectations, met expectations and exceeded expectations

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Then he’s playing it on a keyboard in the middle of the night before Penny wrestles is from him and he switches to a tuba