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Once he received the money, Farook withdrew $10,000 and transferred $15,000 to an account reportedly linked to his mother
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Kym's leggings are, of course, by Adidas and you can get a very similar pair at JD Sports by clicking (right) now
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“Housing was the biggest faller with year on year volumes down from the cyclical peak by over 10%
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These marine mammals could have been providing our whale - and others - with food," says Boersma.
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Top e-sports players can earn upwards of 1m ($1.5) a year and they are like traditional sportspeople in many ways
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Now they are living a new German dream which is playing out to the tune of Yuletide cheer
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Just think of working out as another excuse to shop
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In 1992, Congress changed the tax code to curb rising executive pay and encourage performance-based compensation
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Destruction of the ruins, which rival or even surpass those of Palmyra in Syria, would be regarded as one of the great cultural disasters of modern times
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Net daily production during 2014 averaged 6,000 barrels ofliquids and 86 million cubic feet of natural gas
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At least one accuser was present, as well as several black community leaders
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John Rosa, the president of the college, said in a statement.
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So on Thursday, I said I would sign an executive order which will result in banning the sale of guns to those on government watch lists