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Khawla Kareem says it's difficult going back to school after so many years of being a teacher in Syria herself

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“This is a new area,” says Tony

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The craft's mid-section is known as the descent module, and is where crew members sit during launch and the journey back to Earth

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Sexually transmitted diseases are a growing threat, worsened by the progress of antibiotic-resistant strains, according to the CDC

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Last month, German police launched a search after a tip-off that he was there.

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And last year 846 women were killed in a population of little more than 15 million, says the State Prosecutors Office.

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Scientists say climate change will have a big impact on Africa within the next 50 years

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Four departments, or regions, out of 96 in mainland France are now concerned

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The time has come to declare a truce

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With just 39 rooms, this hip haven also plays host to a very British brasserie, peppered with art works by Hirst, Emin and co..

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Seeking common ground, and acting together, might seem the stuff of fantasy at the moment, Concert Hall gigs aside, but what a knockout to Right-wing politics if it ever came to pass.

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Paul's Cathedral in London, Britain December 9, 2015

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Tim's trained for six years, he will know that spacecraft inside out” but what you can't prepare for is how you're going to feel

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Vigneault insisted the firm, one-sided conversation was no big deal

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Looks like Apple's "Peek" feature isn't exclusive to 3D Touch

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It felt so real and it was just a moment you could breathe and take it in, and you just felt like you were in this other place

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The only local authority response seems to be the usual whingeing politicians’ demand for more money from the Government

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My daughter was in the house too

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And because it’s got SwiftKey’s AI built in, it’s unlike anything else that uses pictograms

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"Normally I practice for 10 to 12 hours a day," says one of them, Won Mun Seong, who goes by the name MMA

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Market research firm IDC ranks Atlassian as the No

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So by using the world rankings at the time of a particular draw, we calculated what strength of opposition a team could expect to be given, on average

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"It took me a year to understand its five-bit order code," said Mr Barr

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