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Clinton has been a divisive figure since the era of "the vast right-wing conspiracy," as she called critics

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It is embarrassing even to embark on such arguments

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Brodie, 24, and her cofounder Lauren Lake, 23, met as students at the University of Western Ontario and founded Bridgit in 2013

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This came as a big surprise for the researchers

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Since its launch in early 2014, Igot has counted more than 200,000 transactions.

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According to Ammerman, the jumped facet injury would have immediately rendered Gray paralyzed and unable to talk

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REUTERS/Antti Aimo-Koivisto/Lehtikuva

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Our data shows that female patients with an age greater than 42 have a diminished prognosis following IVF/ICSI compared to patients between 40 and 42 years of age," the researchers said.

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Half of CEO Ursula Burns’s annual bonus target was predicated on hitting that EPS level; ultimately, she received a bonus of $1.98 million out of a possible $2.2 million

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Fosun, China's biggest privately owned conglomerate, and its pharmaceutical unit suspended trading of their shares Friday in Hong Kong

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One of the main problems in identifying new antibiotics and bringing them to market is a lack of understanding how the molecules work.

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Discarded heroin syringes are stuck into a banana tree after they were used by addicts in Hanoi, Vietnam, December 1, 2015

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Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson had 53 percent, Florida Sen

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Casanova has beenplayed byHeath Ledger, Donald Sutherland, Vincent Price and TonyCurtis

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consumer spending rose solidly in November as the holiday shopping season got off to a fairly brisk start

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— two of the oldest companies in the U.S

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By far the worst affected was County Durham and Darlington NHS foundation trust, which had to shut its A&E 11 times last weekend

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"We have the yuan at 4-1/2 year lows and that is causingunease in China and abroad

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If you fancy shopping around before you commit then check out our edit of similar red lace dresses below.

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“I just tell them to focus on the game, to play hard

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Democrats have not given up trying to bring up King's bill for a vote in the House


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Or take your pick from the teal alternatives we've got lined up for you in the edit below

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Sturzenegger will beinitially hemmed in by a nine-member board of directors, sevenof whom were appointed by Fernandez over the last 15 months.

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On Thursday MPD Chief Cathy Lanier announced a search will take place at a construction at New York Avenue and Bladensburg Road NE, but still seeks the public's help

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Despite the increase, prices have barely risen in the past year and inflation is largely tame.

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Over the week of the Brazilian Grand Prix, we had a small team out in Sao Paolo, helping the UK Government to promote the very best of British innovation and technology (Project Bloodhound).

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Those nodes are then removed and assessed in a lab for signs of spread.

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That is the key of good intelligence”

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KEY DRIVERS: Wholesale prices were pushed up last month by higher profit margins for clothing retailers and gas stations, and because of a jump in shipping costs

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get the information they are entitled to under their agreement with the project creator".

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Poland is locked in constitutional crisis after the ruling conservatives appointed five judges to the highest judicial body in a move the opposition said was illegal

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Mr Corbyn has a fair bit in common with the SNP, after all

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If you’re looking to fly this Christmas, you’ve left it very late to book – but there are still flights available, and there are last-minute deals to be had

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The reform meeting statement declared that education should advance innovation-driven development and serve the objectives of the Belt and Road Initiative.

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"This transaction is a major accelerator in Dow’s ongoing transformation, and through this we are creating significant value and three powerful new companies

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"[As] for the user demand, as we see with Sentinel-1, there are more than 14,000 users

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This year, SantaCon is roving a city that has been on alert since the attacks by extremists in Paris on cafes and other social venues

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